The ENT department at Santevita Hospital is possibly one of the best available in the Jharkhand and nearby states. We have a team of experts who provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages with the disorders of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT). We carry out all aspects of ENT surgeries from the very basic to the most advanced. We are pioneer in many aspects of ENT services in Jharkhand state.

We have specialized experts, who deals in all ENT areas:

  • 1. Otology (disorders of the ear) – Ear Microsurgery, Cochlear Implant Surgery. and implantable hearing aid surgery.
  • 2. Vertigo, balance and dizziness issues.
  • 3. Rhinology (nose and sinus disorders — including allergies).
  • 4. Endoscopic skull- base surgery.
  • 5. Lateral skull base Surgery.
  • 6. Phonosurgery and Phono-microsurgery such as Microflap, Puberphonia Surgery.
  • 7. Voice Change Surgeries, Injection Laryngoplasty.
  • 8. Botox Clinic for Spasmodic Dysphonia and Aesthetic facial.
  • 9. Airway Surgery – laryngotracheal Surgeries.
  • 10. Head and neck surgery, including surgery for head and neck cancers with reconstructive surgery by Plastic surgeon.
  • 11. Evaluation of head and neck soft tissue masses or lesions.
  • 12. Salivary gland, Thyroid and parathyroid surgical disorders.
  • 13. Sleep breathing disorders- Obstructive sleep apnea surgeries.
  • 14. Pediatric ENT, including ear infections, breathing problems, tonsil and adenoid issues, and congenital masses or lesions.
  • 15. General ENT procedures- Adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy etc.


Care is available for patients of all ages, from common ENT disorders that can be treated in a doctor's office to complex problems requiring sophisticated surgery, all of each patient's ENT needs can be met at Santevita Hospital. Each patient's healthcare team offers comprehensive care that includes diagnostic testing using the most modern methods available, personalized treatment, surgical techniques performed using minimally invasive approaches whenever possible, reconstructive surgery to restore appearance and function, and rehabilitation services, such as speech and swallowing therapy.

We are pioneer in many aspects of ENT services in Jharkhand state, e.g. having advanced sleep lab for evaluating sleep disorder. We have Botox Clinic in Ranchi for Spasmodic Dysphonia patients.

Our Team

Dr. P. N Singh
Dr. Abhishek Kumar Ramadhin