Intensive Care Neonate (NICU)

There are times when babies are born premature or need specialized treatment and care after birth. The NICU at our hospital provides the critical care necessary for these newborns. Our staff is committed to providing the best possible care for your baby. The NICU has the latest ventilators, monitors, incubators, warmers CPAP machines and syringe and infusion pumps so that accurate doses of medication and fluids are administered to the infants. It has separate rooms for infected babies and for baby feeding.

The NICU which is under the Department of Pediatrics is covered 24 x 7 by Pediatric Registrars and highly trained nurses with specialized training in caring for sick newborn babies. They work under the supervision and guidance of our Senior Neonatologists/Pediatric Consultants.

The Santevita NICU is not only for infants born in Santevita but accepts admissions of any infant requiring special medical care.