Natural Birthing Clinic

In today’s scenario when C-Section is becoming more and more common, we at Mother and Child Unit of Santevita Hospital, encourage our expecting mothers to undergo natural birth. Natural birth is nature’s way of childbirth. It is safe and it works beautifully. All our services reflect our view of childbirth as a normal healthy event and not a medical procedure. We understand that C-Section should ideally be avoided for any reason other than an absolute medical necessity. We truly believe in transparency and give the expecting mothers the freedom to make informed choices about their pregnancy and childbirth

The natural birthing at Santevita is complemented by special and unique Santevita facilities like water birthing, antenatal classes and LDR along with our capable and helpful team makes delivery at our hospital truly comfortable and memorable experience. Water birth is the process of going through labour and giving birth in a tub of warm water. The idea is that the warm water will feel like the waters of uterus (womb) to the baby and birthing into a similar environment is gentler for the baby and less stressful for the mother. It is the belief of midwives, birthing centres and a growing number of obstetricians, that reducing the stress during labour and delivery also reduces foetal complications.

At Santevita Hospital, we have midwifery model of care for normal low risk pregnancies as recommended by WHO. This model of care is being followed by the leading healthcare units in metros and also in the western world.