Labour-Delivery-Recovery (LDR) Room

Expecting mothers in hospitals/ nursing homes are moved from one room to another for every stage of the birthing process i.e. Labour, Delivery and Recovery. But at the Santevita one can enjoy the luxury of Single Room Maternity Care in which Labour, delivery and recovery can all happen in the comforts and privacy of the LDR room itself.

The LDR Suite is nicely decorated in soft soothing colours and will be furnished with an ultra modern multi-position birthing bed that adjusts to a variety of birthing positions to enable labour and an easy delivery. Every LDR Suite will have a television and music system to soothe the expecting mother. Private showers will be available to help the mother relax during and after delivery.

Following delivery and recovery in the LDR Suite, the mother and child will be shifted to another suite, where they will recuperate till they are ready to leave. The LDR Suite is located in close vicinity to the Operation Theatre Complex, where the mother can be easily shifted in case of any emergency.