Antenatal Classes

To ensure that the expecting mothers are confident about their pregnancy & childbirth, Santevita is running a beautifully designed Antenatal Program named “Vatsalya” to help them cope with the changes during pregnancy, labour and early parenthood. Fathers are also encouraged to attend all these classes.

“Vatsalya” would help the expecting mothers to enhance the quality of their birthing experience. We emphasize not only on Lamaze but many other aspects that a pregnant women needs to know for the entire phase to take away all her fears and provide would be parents the pure excitement of bringing a new life to the world.

Our classes will focus on the following issues:

  • 1. Information on your due date, the common ailments associated with pregnancy and the associated body changes.
  • 2. Right nutrition during pregnancy.
  • 3. Do's and Don'ts during pregnancy.
  • 4. Practical knowledge of Lamaze breathing exercises.
  • 5. Stages and Signs of Labour.
  • 6. Briefing on the pain relief methods.
  • 7. Comfort positions, pressure points and massages for the last trimester.
  • 8. Information on stem cell banking.
  • 9. Post natal care of mother, post natal exercises, breast feeding and baby care.


We truly believe that through proper knowledge and education the expecting mother is empowered to take the right decision for herself and her baby. This ensures “Vatsalya” to be a wholesome package. Photo from net