The department of Radiology and Imaging is one of the most technically advanced Departments in Santevita Hospital, having state of the art, latest Medical Imaging Equipments. Radiology department has been approved by AERB and carries approval licenses from AERB for operating radiological equipments. Department is managed by a team of Sr. Radiologist supported by qualified and experienced medical technologist & assistants. The Department is well manned and equipped to handle all kind of emergencies 24x7.

Facilities Available :-

  • 1. Somaton Emotion RS CT scan machine by Siemens to perform CT scan covering a wide array of scans for accurate diagnosis conducted by highly trained technicians under experienced Radiologist’s supervision.
  • 2. High ultrasound machine by Siemens and Phillips with color Doppler along with a dedicated interventional team of Radiologists performing high end Neuro- Interventional, Vascular and Non Vascular Intervention.